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Dr. William Leon Chua PhD on Mindset Change – The source of all tributaries for improvement

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Ancient wisdom – modern management, Warriors’ wisdom – combative action ~DRC Management & Training

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We provide both Public and In-House Training Programs to many companies across the Asia-Pacific Region


“Thank you very much for visiting our web-site. We have a myriad of training programs for you to explore select and fit into your company’s staff training needs”.

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Pragmatic – Realistic – Customized Training Programs

can make a difference in employees’ attitude, skills & performance towards your company’s productivity & profitability


PSMB (HRDF) approved Corporate Training Programs by  DRC Management & Training PLT (Ref: LLP0003189LGN)


Companies contributing to HRDF – 100% claimable under SBL Scheme!



Public & In-House Seminars / Training can be Arranged

~ Lots of pragmatic corporate training programs to choose from ~We do facilitate seminars anywhere in the World ~

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Hi there! my name is William Leon Chua

“Thank you for visiting our web-site. We will continuously improve and/or add in new training programs into our web-site. Do visit us from time to time to explore your company’s staff training needs.

Business is War and War is Business. Leave nothing to chances! A wise man once said – ‘If changes on the outside are faster than on the inside, prepare for a funeral’. Through our seminars people can learn more in 2 days than in 3 years through trial and error, thus acquiring more skills and knowledge within the shortest time possible towards empowering effective changes and increase productivity at a greater speed.



There’s a lot or courses and training programs to choose from this web-site. Do take time to browse through.

Allow us the privilege to be of service to you, your management and your organization. We will definitely do our best to meet with your requirements. We can customize our training approach as per your needs and preference. To ensure effectiveness it is pertinent and wise to select a combination of related programs.

Example: Teambuilding to be followed through  with Motivation & Leadership Skills, including of course Supervisory & Coaching Skills OR Professional Selling Skills must be followed through with Communication & Interpersonal Skills OR Managerial Skills must be followed through with Strategic Planning Skills etc.

If you engage us to facilitate all your staffs’ training needs we can work out a package at special rates.

We look forward to be of service to your esteem Organization.

Thank You

 “I welcome you to our web-site. You have logged into it because you are looking for experienced corporate trainers to facilitate a certain seminars to boost your Organization’s performance.

Do our corporate trainers have actual hands-on experience & qualified to train your staffs? The answer is ‘YES’

Do we offer a wide range of training programs? The answer is ‘YES’

Do all our training programs provide up-to-date information with case studies and expounded with motivation and take on various edu-taining approach? The answer is ‘YES’

Will our training approach  be interesting & exciting and not monotonously lecture-based and boring? The answer is ‘YES’

If that’s what you want, you got it all right here!

Now, explore our website and let us know what you want. We will customize our training modules as per your exact requirements as far as In-House Training is concern. Contact Bill at 6016-2095570 or e-mail to us at william@asia-edu.info

All Seminars Needs Motivational Application

“Knowledge is not power, for what you know and not apply is what you don’t really know but can talk about”

– Dr. William Leon Chua



“Our approach to seminars are informative driven on the one hand and entertaining on the other, and whilst providing pragmatic skills we inject in motivation and encouragement to ensure participants apply what they learn and they way resources are not wasted”

~ We are not lecturers, we are corporate trainers with the relevant experience. We not only teach, more so we share our decades of experience, provide industry latest practices, impart important information and provide motivation to ensure application by our participants ~


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Continuous Learning = Continuous Improvement = Change = Success

“To change is to improve, to change continuously is to seek perfection”


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~ Ancient wisdom, modern management – warriors’ wisdom, combative action ~


More often than not, many good ideas fell into shallow minds. Just too many good ideas are often neglected. Principles & concepts where imparted; systems and procedures where implemented requires more knowledge, continuous motivation and encouragement to make vision a reality. 



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Seminars facilitated in an exciting and edu-taining fashion by Master (Dr.) William Leon Chua and his Associate Trainers / Consultants that illuminate principles, concepts, strategies & ideas; thus capturing 100% attention of participants and awakening their passion to excel in life and especially in work and business



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Global crisis has created uncertainties and intensified competition.
Action must complement planning and without planning action will have no impact.
Training is an important corporate pillar and the catalyst for fast pace growth.
To the corporate warriors – the right kind of training can establish the winning edge.




                    “Establish the winning edge – Empower your managers & staffs today” 

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Master (DR.) William Leon Chua PhD

 ~ Ancient wisdom, modern management. Warriors’ wisdom, combative action ~