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ABILITY is what you are capable of doing – MOTIVATION determines what you will do even against the odds – APTITUDE determines your consistent cravings for knowledge & skills – ATTITUDE  determines how well you do it – SUCCESS depends on making the right choices and persevere!



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To establish a competitive & productive corporate culture is to re-enginner the mindsets of employees at all levels” 

Whichever areas of behavior you wish to cover can be customized

Anyone can be trained to be a fighter but what marks your company out is all your employees having the mindset of a champion.


“Mindset Change – Tuning in to bring out the best in your employees”

~ CR Motivation Series ~

“From a Fixed Mind-set to a Growth Mind-set”

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Dr. William Leon Chua PhD – on Mindset Change

Quote: “Mind-set change is the source of all tributaries that require improvements; and when mindset has been tuned, productivity goes up”


Experience is all I have, having worked with various companies in different industries for 25 years. Research as all I did to expound on my experience. Imparting knowledge makes the difference, and that’s what I do best since 1998 and motivating others is my passion”



MOTIVATION – Charging up your people that they will excel and up-perform!!!

“From time to time many companies experience ‘quality burn-out’ as employees stagnate or plateau in performance. Where there is no motivation and even when and where there are changes and challenges, the psychological work environment leads to complacency and if left alone employees will suffer from ‘mental hypothermia’ (frozen mind syndrome) resulting in the ‘usual’ and sometimes sub-normal performances, thus leading to low productivity, unnecessary mistakes and loss of business. It is therefore pertinent that employees ‘defreeze’ their mind, be motivated and elevated in spirit from time to time in order that their performance momentum can and will be accelerated. ‘Psychosclerosis’ or hardening of the attitude needs to be addressed! Many employees are merely doing enough to justify your existence in companies and are easily side-tracked by trivia and unproductive habits” – Dr. William Leon Chua


“Interaction motivation with a sense of humor”

“Serious motivation to inspire”

Resolutions are a wonderful thing if we can keep them, but many resolutions go by the wayside because we have not done anything different with our mindset.
True philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking and a philosophy driven by entrepreneurial insights and creative opportunities.
Changing the game is the mindset of a strategic player.
Never on time and work procrastination is a mindset just as punctuality and timely delivery is a mindset. Mindset is either good or bad, innovative or destructive.

  Renown Motivator in  Asia

Moving into the Realm of Paradigms

What really is paradigm?

What is paradigm shift, paradigm effect, paradigm paralysis?

Becoming a Paradigm Pioneer!

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Many approaches to take on – it is definitely principle-centered and spiritually & emotionally uplifting. Do you prefer light activities with humor-injections? This too can be arranged. Would you also prefer real issues within your company to be addressed and rectified? Yes, this too can be done. Contact us via E-mail: / Tel: 6016-2582100

M  O   T   I   V  A  T  I  O  N

Re-boot and re-charge your staffs from time to time just like you clear virus, up-date new softwares and defragmentate your PC


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Whether you require motivation to – boost sales – or  improve customer service – or heighten leadership – or elevate management standards – or expound on time management & productivity – or improve attitude – or seek improvement via change – or improve teamwork – or just for personal development > we can customize the program for you.


Flying with the Eagles

Burning Desire for Knowledge is the Way Forward

Master your time and you master your life

 Developing Leadership & Organizational Skills

Sun Tzu Art of War – “Business is War and War is Business”

Principle of the S.W.O.R.D.

Discovering your Seeds of Greatness



 “To change is to improve, and to consistently change is to strive for perfection….perfection is not a destination but a continuously journey of self discovery


“The worst bankrupt in this world is the person who has no more enthusiasm and the passion to be better”

“Learned people stagnate and deteriorate whilst learning people perpetually transform – Either we are ripe and rotting or we are green and growing”

Quotes by Dr. William Leon Chua

Manifestations & Transformation 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Strategic Business Empowerment 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Reset your Mind, Become a High Achiever 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Sales Motivation Extravaganza 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

High Performance through Mind-set Change 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Achieve Your ‘Pesonal Everest’

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Paradigm Shifts in Business Management 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Prepare Yourself for Success 

By Mr. Ng Thian Watt


Change your Mind – Change your Life

By Mr. Ng Thian Watt


Empowering Mind-set Change for Happiness & Personal Success 

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Sales Samurai

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD


The Rise of Professional Women in the 21st Century

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD


Short Motivational Workshops

by DR. William Leon Chua PhD

Dr. William Leon Chua

“The tragedy in life is not that people will die one day, but what dies in them whilst they are still alive”

“If life seems to have no meaning, the best way to come alive is to wake up with a noble purpose”

“Its only by reconstructing your mind from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset will you experience multiple paradigm shifts that will take you to a higher plane of existence”

Learned means you are ripe and rotting. You must be green and growing and for that you must be a learning person”

“Discover your gifts, callings and potential by doing more than you are capable of, by doing what you dislike or know not how and doing things that you are afraid of”

“Nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’




Dr. William Leon Chua BA MBA DBA PhD is the Founder and Principal Consultant of COMBATIVE RESOURCES Worldwide. The name COMBATIVE RESOURCES was chosen to reflect the seriousness in the mission to assist Companies to compete effectively & successfully. A sought-after management consultant; and compelling corporate trainer & motivator on leadership, teamwork, interpersonal skills, communication skills, strategic marketing, professional selling skills, customer service, corporate & social ethics, mind-set change, and high performance management, he speaks to audiences around the Asia-Pacific Region, and occasionally in Europe. He is the director and producer of two corporate training videos – ‘Manifestation & Transformation’ and ‘The Kung-Fu of Business Management’.  The video ‘Manifestation & Transformation’, a paradigm-shifting video that challenges our thoughts in tandem with what Mother Nature has to offer and that success is within everyone’s reach. As for the video ‘The Kung-Fu of Business Management’, a great expound on Age Old Wisdom with the Way of Modern Management. Dr. William is able to infuse the maxims, concepts and philosophy of the Martial Arts into the essence of Modern Management based on his more than 30 years involvement in the Martial Arts. Both videos offer learnable and measurable skills that make organizations more competitive, more profitable, managers more leadership driven, people more productive and relationships more positively energizing.

He is a member of the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and a registered corporate trainer with the Human Resource Development Federation of Malaysia (HRDF).

Academically – he has acquired a Diploma in Sales Management, a BA majoring in Psychology, a MBA, a DBA and a PhD in Organizational Behavior. In the past he has worked in various managerial capacities with eleven companies including multi-nationals, both locally in Malaysia and in abroad Canada & Hawaii; designated in various positions, some of which are – Branch Manager, Agency Manager, Operations Manager, Business development Manager, Training & development Manager, Group Marketing Manager, Group Human Resource Manager, General Manager & CEO. His working exposure in industries such as financial & investment, construction & manufacturing, time-share & hospitality etc. has complemented his academic mind-set to enable him as an effective management consultant & corporate trainer. During the last 20 years he has facilitated a myriad of seminars to more than 750,000 professionals (from more than 800 Companies), including students. Besides, he has also trained more than 5,000 of his disciples in the way of the mixed martial arts from year 1982 to 2000, as well as organized the First Malaysia Open All Styles Martial Arts wherein his disciples won all the events.







Principle of the S.W.O.R.D

Grow your Seeds of Potential

The Power of Thoughts

Time is Life

Motivation & Teamwork

Cultivating the Burning Desire for Knowledge & Skills

Harnessing your Hidden Potential

Reflective Meditation to Develop Confidence & Optimism

Knowledge Retention

Rewiring Your Mind

Nothing is Impossible

Getting Out of the Zone of Mediocrity

The Way of the Martial Arts – to instill discipline

The Power of Focus

Wisdom + Humility = Respect


Master (Dr.) William Leon Chua is considered by many CEOs, HR & Training Managers as one of the top Motivator in the Asia Pacific RegionWhatever the subject, he will expound on it with motivation to ensure participants open up and put into practice what they learn.   

  • “The only key to success is this question: ‘Are you seriously prepared to consistently change?’ “
  • “It is evidential that our thumbprint signifies that everyone is unique in their own way”
  • “Success does not discriminate. It is the attitude we carry and the decision we make everyday that determine our circumstances”
  • “There are so many self-proclaimed leaders but how many are really true leaders. Similarly there are so many qualified managers but how many are committed and self-empowered to excel with leadership qualities”
  • “The power to lead lies not in knowledge alone but something far simpler, it is personality”
  • “Just as the old leaves must be shed before new ones can grow, we must discard obsolete ideas and manifest from new ones from time to time”
  • “Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power. What we know and not apply is what we have yet to know”
  • “Passion and Commitment is the soul of creativity”
  • “If death is your best friend then courage will be your ally”
  • “Sacrifice is the price we pay for the joy of success; Death is the price we pay for the privilege of living”
  • “The soul is the spring of lie; compassion is the jewel in the ocean of humanity”
  • “No smoke without fire, no lightning without thunder; No great achievements without passion”
  • “To be successful is to be innovative; To be great is to be creative – If you do not innovate or create you will evaporate”
  • “To do dangerous things we must be in love with death; To do great things we must be in love with success”

Incentive: Inspiration / Drive / Enthusiasm / Impetus / Stimulus / Spur / Driving Force

Reason: Motive / Purpose / Rationale

Forces Determining Behavior

PSYCHOLOGY ~ the biological, emotional, cognitive, or social forces that activate and direct behavior

Comment on Motivation

People behave in a preset manner which is determined by their past experiences and according to Sir Isaac Newton – people move at a constant until ‘pushed’ by certain external forces. Such forces can be anything that awakens and inspire us.

The question is what type of motivation is required?

01)      Personal Development Motivation?

02)      Leadership Motivation?

03)      Sales Motivation?

04)      Customer Service Motivation?

05)      Motivation towards Better Teamwork?

06)   Motivation on accepting Change?

07)   Time Management Motivation?

08)     Motivation to develop a better attitude?

09)   Motivation to improve Inter-personal Skills?

10)    Other

Rational to Effective Use of Motivation in Training

A Motivational Workshop can be tuned to cover all these areas as required


The BEST use of MOTIVATION is during the facilitation of specific subjects as mentioned above covering the – WHY? WHAT? WHEN? WHO? HOW? where details are spelt out, principles are shared, methods are introduced and procedures are set.


M:    Mental – mindset change

O:    Organization – getting organized

T:     Time Conscious

I:      Initiative

V:    Value Add

A:    Attitude / Aptitude

T:     Tactics / Techniques

I:      Imagination

O:    Obsession

N:    Needs




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